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Surgery is not always indicated in the treatment of disease.  When surgery is necessary, we know the anxious moments our client – and patients- have are very real.  That’s why The Cat Doctor staff works very hard to make sure surgical procedures go as smoothly as possible – for both client and patient.

A presurgical examination is given and preanesthetic lab tests are recommended for each patient.  If there are any problems, The Cat Doctor will call you prior to surgery.  The patient is weighed in order to determine the proper dosage of anesthesia.  Heated water-circulating pads are used to maintain optimum body temperature and each patient is monitored with the latest techniques and equipment, such as pulse oximetry.  Our doctors and technicians are very careful to minimize the trauma of surgery, and do everything possible to make sure your cat lands on her feet.
Some of the surgeries performed at The Cat Doctor are:

Follow-up care does not end with the surgery.  Post-operative pain medication is routinely given as needed.  Our staff of cat lovers tends to your cat with the care and attention she deserves, in our clean, comfortable, temperature controlled recovery area, until the time she’s ready to go home.

If your cat needs surgery, our surgeon performs procedures each Wednesday. Because The Cat Doctor diligently guards against contagions, all cats requiring surgery must be current on their vaccinations and testing. If you suspect a health problem, please call to set up a consultation to further evaluate your cat’s condition.