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Medical Diagnostics
When your cat is sick, you want him better right away. From thorough physical examinations to comprehensive diagnostic testing, our goal is to find out what’s wrong fast and provide appropriate therapy to get your cat back on his feet again. Like infants, cats are small creatures and can’t afford to be sick for very long. In most cases your cat should show improvement within 24 hours. To make an appointment or ask a question, click here.

Second Opinions
Dr. Weigner sees many referral cases and second opinions for cats with complex diseases. Thorough evaluation of prior history and medical records as well as further diagnostic testing often reveals the problem. Dr. Weigner is trained to understand how diseases occur and interact with each other. This often leads to changes in therapy or at least an understanding of why a patient is not improving and, most importantly, whether further treatment is appropriate. At The Cat Doctor, our main concern for our patients is always their quality of life. For more information on second opinions, click here.

Preventative Care
The most important part of preventative medicine is the physical examination. Comprehensive examinations can discover many problems in their earliest stages. Early diagnosis leads to better treatment outcomes at less expense with a better prognosis. After each exam, you’ll receive an Examination Report describing the exam with written instructions and recommendations specific to your cat’s needs.

Georgia’s warm climate and flea’s resistance to insecticides make an ideal environment for reproduction.  Ten fleas can lay up to 90,000 eggs in one month!  Flea eggs hatch every 10-14 days, so it’s necessary to treat your house several times to get rid of all fleas. For more information on fleas, click here.

From kittens through adults, cats need routine preventative care. Vaccines prevent otherwise fatal disease, but not all cats need every vaccination. We customize a vaccine schedule appropriate to your cat’s lifestyle and risk factors. For more information on vaccinations, click here.

In this part of the United States, all cats need heartworm preventative. Even inside cats can get heartworms as they are transmitted by mosquitoes. For more information on heartworms, click here.

Geriatric Care
Older cats have special needs, just like older people. Our Doctors can help diagnose subclinical disease (where symptoms haven’t appeared) by testing for specific problems. Common signs of diseases are drinking and urinating significantly more than usual. Also, watch for anorexia, vomiting, or diarrhea.

Make sure they have easy access to plenty of water: dehydration is common in older cats and is often associated with kidney disease or diabetes. Diagnosed early, most illnesses are usually easier and less expensive to treat – and the prognosis is better, too! For more information about geriatric care, click here.

The Cat Doctor staff works very hard to make sure surgical procedures go as smoothly as possible – for both client and patient. A presurgical physical examination is given and preanesthetic lab tests are recommended for each patient. Heated water-circulating pads are used to maintain optimum body temperature and each patient is monitored with the latest techniques and equipment, such as pulse oximetry. Our Doctors and technicians are very careful to minimize the trauma of surgery. For this reason, follow-up care does not end with the procedure. Post-operative pain medication is routinely given, and our highly skilled staff tends to your cat with the care and attention she deserves, until the time she’s ready to go home.

Some of the surgeries performed at The Cat Doctor are:

Do you brush your teeth twice a day? Does your cat? The problem is obvious, especially when they purr or yawn in your face. But less obvious is the insidious damage to internal organs cause by the chronic infection in their mouth. As part of a comprehensive physical examination, we always examine your cat’s teeth and find that most cats are in need of dental care. For more information, click here.

The Cat Doctor provides luxurious boarding accommodations 365 days a year. Many of our Cat Condos have individual windows and reservations are limited so that your pet receives that special care available only at The Cat Doctor. Our pampered guests are exercised twice daily while having access to our unique play area. In order to insure the health of our guests, each has been tested and found negative for Feline Leukemia and are current on their vaccinations, including Feline Leukemia. Our kennel is isolated from the main hospital. It even has its own air handling system to prevent the spread of disease from sick patients in the hospital to healthy ones in the kennel. We suggest that you book early on major holidays as our condos fill up quickly. Many of our regular guests book months in advance. Guests can be dropped off or picked up any time during regular business hours. For more information for boarding and traveling with your cat, click here. For a video tour of our boarding facility click here, but you really should see it for yourself!