Board Certified in Feline Practice
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AAHA Pet Library: Pet care resources from the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) featuring articles, blogs, ask-a-vet, adoptable pets, community events and more.

Animal Poison Control - ASPCA: Information on toxic and non-toxic plants, as well as contact information for their 24 hour pet poison control hotline.

American Board of Feline Practitioners: Cat Health Topics in this section will help you learn everything you can about your cat's medical condition

WebMD Pet Heath Exchange: Cat health and wellness news, information and education. Join discussions or post a question for Dr. Weigner (if you’re local it’s easier just to call us!)

Cornell Feline Health Center : Information for cat owners and veterinarians, including fact sheets covering several conditions and syndromes

Tufts University Feline Behavior Clinic: Provide consultations for feline behavioral problems.

Science Diet: Superior nutrition for the lifelong health of your cat from Hill's Pet Nutrition

The Winn Feline Foundation: The Winn Feline Foundation enhances the relationship between cats and humans by fostering improvements in feline health through research and education.

Pet Placement Option: List of area rescue organizations.