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The Cat Doctor provides boarding 365 days a year. Our kennel is isolated from the main hospital. It even has its own separate air handling system. The door automatically seals to create an airtight barrier. This prevents the spread of disease from sick patients in the hospital to healthy ones in the kennel. To see a video of our boarding facility, click here.

We offer three levels of accommodations at The Cat Doctor. Our Interior View Kennel offers a view into our Play Area while our Window View Kennel has a glass wall and offers an unobstructed view out to our backyard birdfeeders with endless entertainment from nature. Finally, we offer luxurious accommodations with our very own Cat Doctor Suite. This tri-level “apartment” provides spacious lodging for one to four of your feline friends. The Suite provides breathing room for playful kittens or extra room for our King and Queen Size guests. We invite you to see it for yourself! The Cat Doctor Suite……would you expect anything less!

Because our boarding facility is relatively small, we can give more individual attention. For example, all guests are exercised twice daily and pampered by our staff of cat lovers every day of their visit. Reservations are limited so that your pet receives the special care only available at The Cat Doctor.

Read More about what our Boarding Package includes.

In order to insure the health of our guests, each has been tested and found negative for Feline Leukemia and are current on all vaccinations, including Feline Leukemia. Guests can be dropped off or picked up any time during regular business hours. Our "concierge" suggests you book early on major holidays; our guest quarters fill up quickly. Many of our regular guests book months in advance.

We also help make your boarding experience run smoother by offering check-in forms online and “Express Check-Out Services”.

We offer a 10% discount for extended stay reservations of 8 or more days!

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Traveling with your cat
Many cats love to travel. Many don’t. But they’re going anyway! When you have a choice, traveling by car is best for most cats. Keep them in their carrier with a warm blanket to snuggle in. Don’t put food, water, or litter in their carrier – it will make a mess. In fact, few cats will eat, drink or eliminate while the car is in motion – they’ll wait until getting to your destination (or at least a hotel.) It’s very important to keep the air conditioner on when it’s warm outside. NEVER leave your cat in a closed car. Unless your cat is trained to use a leash and harness, don’t take them for walks at rest stops. Really, they’ll be fine in their carrier all day.

If you must fly, insist that your cat travel in the cabin with you – don’t check them into cargo. You’ll need an airline approved carrier (we have several to choose from) and you will need a Health Certificate within 10 days of your flight. Please contact us for an appointment. International travel requires multiple documents and procedures, some of which must be done up to 6 months before your trip. Use the links below to find the travel requirements for each specific country, but if there’s any doubt call their consular office for the most current requirements. Click here for Tips on How to Make Your Cat’s Flight Safer

Sedating Your Cat for Travel
Most cats traveling by air benefit from mild sedation when traveling in the cabin, for car travel, some cats seem more comfortable with mild sedation but many don’t need it. If your cat needs a mild sedative, please contact us for an appointment.
Click here to watch a video on Travel Safety from the AAHA Video Library

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