Board Certified in Feline Practice
The cat Doctor

About The Cat Doctor

The Cat Doctor is a dedicated feline specialty hospital. Whether you have a new kitten or an old feline friend, you can benefit from our expertise and compassion.

The Cat Doctor's unique advantages:

#1 Commitment to quality: We are the only board certified feline specialty hospital in Georgia.

#2 An unwavering focus on your cat's special needs: Our commitment to quality feline care puts your cat's best interests at the forefront.

#3 Plain talk: We have a unique ability to explain complex issues in terms you can understand.

#4 A time tested approach: Established in 1987, The Cat Doctor has developed proven approaches to feline specialty care that work in your - and your cat's - best interests.

Our environment is calm, warm, and friendly. Our facility is designed especially for premier feline care. Our staff is warm, caring, and compassionate. We love cats and they can tell! We also never forget our cat owners and strive to satisfy their every need. That’s why most of our clients have been with us for generations.

When you trust your cat's care to us, we promise to:

  1. Adhere to the highest medical and ethical standards.
  2. Always balance medical needs with quality of life considerations.
  3. Dedicate ourselves to the best interests of both our patients and their owners.

The Cat Doctor staff knows cats.
When we opened our doors in 1987, this was the first feline practice in the Southeast. There are now over two hundred across the country. From the beginning, our philosophy has been to provide the highest quality medicine available to our patients in the most comfortable environment possible.

We believe the medicine we practice here is the best you'll find anywhere. That's also why a visit here is like walking into a good friend's home. We want to provide a comfortable environment for your cat -- and for you -- with the same kind of care and attention you give him. Our clients expect the finest in veterinary medicine and care. Our efficient, professional, friendly staff makes sure you're never disappointed.

Dr. Drew Weigner, DVM
I truly love treating cats!
Mysterious creatures, aren’t they? They rarely show overt signs of illness until they are quite sick. That’s the challenge: finding the underlying cause of disease. Traditional medicine often treats symptoms, without looking for the source of the problem.

We take a different approach. At The Cat Doctor, we practice preventative medicine, not crisis medicine. The idea is, if we can diagnosis a disease before the patient is sick, it’s often much easier and less costly to treat-and the prognosis is much better!

We also feel a responsibility to educate our clients about their cat’s care. Clients often come in with a list of questions; we encourage and welcome them and hope you’ll bring your own list with you – next time we see your cat.

Dr. Drew Weigner, DVM
Dr. Weigner is Hospital Director of The Cat Doctor which he founded in February, 1987. He graduated from the University of Florida in 1982 and has practiced in Atlanta since 1983. He is a member of the American Association of Feline Practitioners, the American Veterinary Medical Association, and the American Animal Hospital Association. He is also on the Board of Directors of the Winn Feline Foundation, the world's largest funding organization for feline specific research. He also holds degrees in Microbiology and Environmental Sciences and is a Charter Member of the American Animal Hospital Association's EXCEL Program, signifying excellence in clinical medicine. He also is a past President of the Academy of Feline Medicine.

Dr. Weigner often is asked, "Why do you specialize in cats?" His response: "Maybe, like a cat, it's my natural curiosity. There just isn't a whole lot known about feline medicine; it's still in its infancy. In veterinary school, we were taught to treat cats as 'small dogs'. They now know that's just not true."

Dr. Alison Bradbury, DVM 
Dr. Alison Bradbury has been with The Cat Doctor since 2006, first as a Veterinary Assistant, then as a Registered Veterinary Technician. She graduated Cum Laude from the University of Georgia's College of Veterinary Medicine, where she received the American Association of Feline Practitioners Award and the Blanche D. Hayes Award for Exceptional Proficiency in Feline Medicine and Surgery.

As a third generation veterinarian, Dr. Bradbury knew from an early age that animals were her passion. After years of working with rural veterinarians in South Georgia, the big cats at Zoo Atlanta, and the staff at The Cat Doctor, Dr. Bradbury discovered her true calling in the field of Feline Specialty medicine. When she isn't working, Dr. Bradbury enjoys gardening, baking, and relaxing at home with her husband, their daughter and three cats. "I am very fortunate to work in a profession that I truly love. The staff, clients and their cats are like family to me, and returning to The Cat Doctor is like coming home."

 Abby Shively, Practice Manager

Abby joined The Cat Doctor in 2006, after graduating from Florida State University, but her veterinary career began in high school as a kennel assistant in her native Orlando, Florida. Abby comes from a long line of animal lovers, as her parents own an animal healthcare company. Since then she's moved up the ranks to become our Practice Manager. 

"Cats are our best friends, our confidants, and our family. They deserve medical care that values their importance in our lives. I can't imagine working for a place that better serves their needs and the needs of their special humans!" When not at The Cat Doctor, Abby enjoys spending time with her family, their two cats Fionna and Olive, and their dog Nina.